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Don’t go to church for entertainment purposes – Pastor David Okoye tells Christians

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Pastor David Okoye, President of Ambassadors Word Ministry told Christians not to go to church for entertainment purposes. Pastor David who is currently residing at the head quarter of Ambassadors Word in Port Harcourt said ”

I once read an inspiring and challenging testimony by the late Smith Wigglesworth. He was invited to render a special song during a church programme. From the order of the programme,he realized the best slot for his ministration was just before a dance,so he asked to be put there.

However on getting there, he realized the atmosphere of the programme tended towards entertainment and satisfying the flesh than the spirit man. He decided right there to sing his favourite “redemption songs”. Well he did sing the redemption songs and surely that changed the atmosphere,as the once merry congregation became crying, broken and repentant souls. Although the leaders and organizers of the programme weren’t so pleased at how he had “spoilt” the programme,men were saved and people were stirred up towards God and his work.

He added that “unfortunately, it is disheartening to know that some persons still come to church for entertainment purposes, some fellows will ensure they meet up with all the dancing and singing and every other “fun-fare” that proceeds the word and might even leave or sleep when God’s word; the actual reason for gathering, is being taught”.

And he concluded by saying “choose to attend to your spiritual needs more than your physical, as it will cause your flame to shine brighter, better and bigger, thus making you move in line with God and his purpose for you”.

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