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SUCCESS ATTITUDE – By Pastor David Okoye

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“You have been trapped by what you said, ensnared by the words of your mouth”. (NIV) Proverbs 6:2

Faith is believing beyond belief. Faith is activated by your
words. Faith doesn’t work in you, you walk in it. It’s your
responsibility and it’s got to start with your confession. No matter how
strong your faith is, if your confession doesn’t stand to it, it cannot stand.

We don’t live to talk, we talk to live because death and life are
in the power of your tongue; if your tongue lives (speaks life) you
will have life. The things that happen in your life today are the things
you spoke about yourself yesterday. 

Confession starts from your heart
i.e the words you speak come from within. You’ve got to learn not to
speak the circumstance but to speak the word of God on that
circumstance. Your circumstance, qualification and resources or
background don’t determine who you are or the life you are entitled to
but you determine in yourself who you are.

Every man that has
ever failed, failed first in his mind. He may never have said it aloud
but his mindset was already conditioned for failure and his words spoke

The mindset of the successful does not acknowledge or
accommodate failure. The faith you have built is determined through your

When the God child comes to realize that his faith is determined
by his confession, he will always confess the word. It is often said
that no man can give what he doesn’t have. So if a man doesn’t have the
mindset of success and possibility in life, he can’t talk it because out
of the abundance of the heart, his mouth will speak and he will become. 

Determine today to have the word of God dwell in you richly. Speak it
daily and see yourself become.

I choose to daily declare boldly the word of God in every point in my life and over every challenge. I’ve got strong faith.

Revelation 12: 11

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