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You Are The Apple Of God’s Eye – David Okoye

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You Are The Apple Of God's Eye - David Okoye

“…for he who touches you touches the apple or pupil of His eye.” Zechariah 2:8 AMP

If you have ever had something or someone try to poke you in the
eye, you would have noted that it spurs an immediate defensive reaction
on your part.

The pupil of the eye is so precious that even before the
danger comes real close, you are already on alert to protect it. This is
how it is with God.

The scripture verse above connotes that
we are the apple of God’s eye and whoever touches (harms) you, has
automatically touched the pupil of His eye. This shows how valuable you
are to God and how protected you are. In the real sense of things, no
one can ever dare to poke a finger in God’s eye. Every believer must
understand that he is safe at all times and his life is hid with Christ
in God. God won’t sit back and let harm come to His own.

no fear of what anyone can do to you. You are protected and preserved by
deity from all evil. You are a part of His body – you dwell in the Most
High God
: therefore refuse to think or talk fear; it isn’t one of your

It’s important you recognise your placement in the scheme of
things and begin to live up to responsibility, rather than patronising
fear and withdrawal in the face of challenges.

Live in the estate of
this awareness today, that you’re protected on all sides.

I abide in the greater one and therefore protected in all my ways.

Acts 17:28; Psalms 91:11

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