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Friday Daily Devotional By Pastor David Okoye (Ambassadors Diet 23rd December, 2016) – Joy To The World

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“When they saw the star, they were thrilled with ecstatic joy” Matthew 2:10

We are in the season when the Birth of our Lord Jesus is celebrated all over the world. No matter how much the devil tries, he can not dampen the Joy experienced and shown during this season.
Our opening Scripture tells us that when the wise men saw the star they were ecstatic with joy. The ASV rendering says they were filled with exceeding great Joy.Many have not wondered why?

Why where they filled with exceeding great Joy? The joy they felt was beyond the normal. This Joy was not Normal;
it was spiritual.

The devil knowing the effect this season has on and for the God-child seeks to use it against the God- child. He takes
advantage of this joy and give the church liberty without limits. A God-child for example might go home early every other time of the year aside from Christmas. They can be so involved with the work of the Lord on every everyday of the year aside from Christmas. In this season they
believe, that they have gained a little time off from all the stress of the year. Some just want to unwind, while others take it to the extreme.

The feeling of Joy that people feel in this season is Spiritual because it’s God’s Joy for the whole world.

The gifts many received in this season were not casual gifts but Spiritual gifts. During the time of the birth of Christ, many men that didn’t know the Lord had visitations from God. The reason is because in this season, the heavens are open for souls.

When God’s Children do the right things, many will have visitations from God.

This is a season where if you understand what this season is, you can have an eternal effect on People’s life through a
gift. One of the things you can give in this season is to show the love of God by giving gifts to people.

One of the problems we have in the
church is unbelief. They really don’t belief the operations of God.

I spread the love of God today. I am a channel of blessing in this season.

John 3:16,, Matthew 2:11

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