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Saturday daily devotional by Pastor David Okoye (Ambassadors Word Diet, 12th AUG, 2017) – Maintain a serene environment

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Pastor David Okoye

“…let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” 2 Corinthians 7:1

Our opening text states beautifully “…cleanse yourself from all filthiness of the flesh and the spirit…” Your physical cleanliness is as important to God as your spiritual cleanliness.

You see, when issues about cleanliness are discussed in the house of the Lord, often times so many become uncomfortable.

These ones feel as though these issues are trivial in comparison to seemingly more serious sins like theft, murder, covetousness and adultery. But amazingly, in my several years of ministry, I have come to discover that the issue of cleanliness and disorganization is the major obstacle many have in building their relationship with the Lord.

In the days of old, the priests had to wash their bodies before going into the temple; this is how important it is to God.

And in this dispensation we are not only priests unto God (Rev 1:6), we are also his temple (1Cor 6:19).

The temple that God dwells in cannot/should not be dirty, untidy or unkempt.

You must understand that your physical life to a certain level tells what goes on in your spirit life, because the physical realm is a product of the spirit realm. So if you are disorganized physically, you can tell that there is a 99.9% chance that your spirit life isn’t organized either.

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As we walk with the Lord and study the scriptures, it is important to always take note of every word (no matter how passively little it might seem), so that you do not miss out on the big truths.

It’s quite amazing that some persons in the church are so concerned about their spiritual lives being “clean”, yet they neglect their physical beings and environment.

They could ask for forgiveness and cleansing of their sins all day and try to live a righteous life but they ignore the fact that their bodies, clothes and immediate environment also need cleansing.

Know today that the Lord cannot walk with you when you are dirty and disorganized.

Perfect your holiness by being clean both physically and spiritually. God dwells on the inside of you – make His abode befitting for the King that He is.

I make my temple a befitting dwelling place for the Spirit of God. I am clean inside and out.

Hebrews 10:22

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