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Sunday daily devotional by Pastor David Okoye (Ambassadors Word Diet, 17th DEC, 2017) – Don’t let it slip’

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Pastor David Okoye

Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we let them slip Hebrews 2:1

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The AMP rendering of our opening text says,

Since all this is true, we ought to pay much closer attention than ever to the truths that we have heard, lest in any way we study past (them) and slip away. 

Over the years, we seem to have heard so much from the Word of God that we have begun to commonize His Word. So many Christians have diminished the value of God’s Word. They have watered down its potential to the point where the Word no longer has an effect on their lives.

God expresses His will through us. The Word of God is a revelation of the mind of God. His Word is of utmost importance to us.

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You need to retain and acknowledge (act on the knowledge) the Word of God. Never allow it slip away. As the Word of God moves, be sure to move with it. Get into the frequency of the Word. Never kill the system.

Hebrews 4:12a “For the word of God is quick and powerful…” If you do not grab the Word firmly, it will slip away.

Let the Word remain in your mouth at all times. Never let it go. It is the most vital ingredient for your success as a Godchild.

I refuse to commonize the Word of God in my life. I refuse to let it slip away.


Hebrews 4:12; Joshua 1:8

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