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Tuesday daily devotional by Pastor David Okoye (Ambassadors Word Diet, 10th July, 2018) – The business of God (2)

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And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? Luke 2:49

Yesterday, we established a fact that God has a business in which our major responsibility as believers is to bring profit to that business. The business of God is the business of reconciliation. This is why we as believers have been charged with a mandate to reconcile men back to God.

The prime focus of every business is to make profit. Therefore, we have got to make profit when dealing with God’s business.

Take another look at our verse of the day. Did you notice the word, ‘must’? God, being a master communicator is trying to show us something of extreme importance. Jesus understood that the business of God wasn’t by choice.

So many believers have made God’s business a ‘when I feel like’ event. So you hear them say they missed that outreach or that follow-up because they didn’t feel like.

What is more saddening is the fact that the Kingdom of darkness and the devil’s cohorts are more aware of these things than a lot of believers.

I once heard a testimony of a man who served the Kingdom of the devil but later gave his life to Christ. One of the things he made mention of was that in the dark side, you must produce, or you’ll be severely punished. The devil doesn’t care if you feel like or not. He just knows that you must bear results.

God, being a loving Father gave us the choice, and as a result, so many Christians are making a mockery of Him for giving them the power of choice. Oh, how I wish all believers could just have this burn so strong in their hearts!

The business of God is mandatory for all that has identified with Him. It isn’t just for the Pastors, Satellite coordinators, or Cell Leaders; it is for all!

You hardly see a business that allows you choose when you work or not. In the same vein, you do not dictate the pace of your work in the Father’s business. You do not decide when or when not to work; you are to give everything to ensure that the business progresses and that profit is made.

You see, everything in the physical realm has its undertone in the Spiritual. The same principles that guide the earthly business Enterprises also applies to the business of God.

Tomorrow, we would be learning on these principles and how we can apply them in God’s business to produce results.

I refuse to make a mockery of God’s love. I am extremely productive in this business. I place God first always.

Scriptural Reference:
Matthew 28:18-20, Hebrews 6:10-11

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