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Boxer who kissed female reporter also squeezed her buttocks

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A female reporter who was kissed by a boxer without her consent during a post-fight interview last weekend says the athlete didn’t stop there.

He also grabbed and squeezed her buttocks, laughing as he walked away, she alleged in a press conference Thursday with her attorney, Gloria Allred.

Reporter Jenny Sushe, a contributor to Vegas Sports Daily, was interviewing Bulgarian heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev after his victory in Costa Mesa, California, last Saturday, when he decided to kiss her.

Sushe disputed that claim, saying she and Pulev are not friends, and had only met the day before for a pre-fight interview.

“I did not encourage or consent to Mr. Pulev grabbing my face, kissing me, or grabbing my backside,” Sushe said Thursday, reading from a prepared statement. “I was there at the event covering the boxing match as a professional member of the press. Kissing a woman on her lips without her consent and grabbing her is not acceptable.”

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