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Ambassadors Diet, Daily Devotional, 10th April – God’s Perception Of You

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For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever. Genesis 13:15

Today’s scripture makes us understand that there is every need for our mind to be reconfigured rightly, so we might be able to know how to do the things that please God.

No man can ever grow beyond His mindset, this is why the old mind has to be renewed. Once you understand how God sees you, you begin to function in that capacity.

The amount of God’s Word you’ve come to know, understand, believe and above all act upon, is what distinguishes you from others.

You are the most prized of all God’s creation, start believing it. Scriptures tell us in 2 Corinthians 2:14 the amplified rendering, that “He leads us in triumph as trophies in Christ’s victory.”

This is His perception of you. You are His epitome of victory. God sees you as a winner, a victor and more than a conqueror.

As far as God is concerned, life and the kingdom of darkness can never defeat you. God counts you so special and unique that He made your body His tabernacle; He dwells and resides in you in His fullness.

Never live a defeated mediocre life or one short of who God made you and how He sees you. Reign as a Victor.

As I go through each day of my life, I walk with a renewed mind from God’s Word. I know who I am and who God has made me and I walk in the consciousness of that knowledge

1 Peter 2:9

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