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49 Of 127 presidential aides to Buhari get N2.48bn in four years

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presidential aides in nigeriaA report by the Punch newspaper alleges that 49 out of 127 Aides to President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo got N2.48bn in their first four years of Buhari’s administration.

It was learnt that the salaries of the 49 President Buhari and Osinbajo’s aides who got N2.48bn in four years of the government, was captured by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

Some of them work with the President’s wife, Aisha; Vice-President’s wife, Dolapo; Chief of Staff to the President and some ministers such as the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Information and Culture.

– The report –

Each special adviser is entitled to an annual basic salary of N1,942,875; motor vehicle fuel and maintenance of N1,457,156.25; special assistant (full value paid for by the government); personal assistant allowance of N485,718.75; domestic staff allowance of N1,457,156.25; entertainment allowance of N874,293.75; utilities allowance of N582,862.50 and newspapers/periodicals allowance of N291,493.75.

These allowances come up to a total of N7, 091,493.75 per annum or N590, 957.81 a month.

The total salary for the 49 aides amounts to N347, 483,193.75 per annum. For tenure of four years, they collect N1.39bn.

However, there are other irregular allowances. These include an accommodation allowance of N3, 885,750 per annum.

The 49 aides collect N190.4m per annum for accommodation. This amounts to N761.61m for tenure of four years.

A furniture allowance of N5, 828,625 is paid once in Four-year tenure. For the 49 aides, this amounts to N285.6m for the tenure.

Leave allowance of N194, 287.50 is paid once a year. For the 49 aides, this amounts to N9.52m per annum or N38.08m per tenure.

Other allowances include tour allowance of N25, 000 per night for local trip and $800 per night for foreign trips.

Medical treatment is fully provided and not monetised. While some of these aides are paid in foreign currencies, other are paid the naira equivalent.

American donor agencies are said to pay lesser than British agencies, for instance. Some of the aides are rated per hour while others are rated and paid on a monthly basis.

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