“Senator Ned Nwoko is an ugly sad little prick”, says actress Shan George

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Shan George has called out Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniels’ husband
Shan George is not happy with Senator Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniels’ husband.

Nollywood actress Shan George has blasted Senator Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniels’ husband, over his recent marriage to the 18-year old actress.

The angry veteran actress in a post on Instagram, blasted the 59-year old lawmaker for sleeping around with actresses and not doing anything good for his community.

She wrote: “Senator Ned Nwoko is an ugly sad little prick, with all his so called billions, aside sleeping wit some greedy actresses and buying them cars, or marrying little children all over the place, who him epp? Is there a free well equipped children’s hospital in his own village built by him? Or a free primary/secondary school for all children of his village? Or free care home for d aged widows in his village? I mean only in his village, at least he can afford it. I’ve never seen an adult so disgusting and shameless. Wicked enough to put a lil child like Regina in a traditional cult of ‘don’t ever cheat on me’. His place in hell will sure be d hottest. (Well, this is just my opinion) Shan George.”

Then, she later deleted the post.

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