enugu pastor charged to court for allegedly impregnating 20 members
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Enugu Pastor charged to court for allegedly impregnating 20 members

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enugu pastor charged to court for allegedly impregnating 20 membersA 53-year-old General Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, Enugu, Timothy Ngwu has been arrested for impregnating 20 women in his church.

Enugu State Police Command arrested him following his wife’s report about his acts. Ngwu had impregnated his wife’s niece in the name of obeying divine instruction.

When asked about the allegations, Ngwu said the Holy Spirit commanded him to impregnate as many female members of the church as possible.

Enugu Police Spokesperson, Ebere Amaraizu stated however that the Pastor had been charged for sexual abuse on Thursday May, 30.

Unnamed sources close to the church confirmed that he is indeed obeying a spiritual command to do the will of God by impregnating anyone chosen and revealed by the Holy Spirit, irrespective of the woman’s marital status.

Women impregnated by the pastor are required to remain in the ministry with their child for life.

In his defense, the pastor stated that he never had sex with any of the married women unless their husband concurred to the request of the ‘Holy Ghost’.

However, he had earlier been quoted that he has only 5 wives with 13 children along with other concubines he got after the Holy Spirit commanded him to do so.

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