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Don’t attack the President in words or through the internet, Kumuyi urges Christians

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Deeper Christian Life Ministry senior pastor, Pastor William Kumuyi has urged Christians to stop the incessant attacks on President, Governors, Community leaders and Pastors.

Pastor Kumuyi said this while preaching in his church in Gbagada, Lagos state on Sunday June 2.

The Man of God said it is ungodly for Christians to attack constituted authorities either by words, newspaper publications or through the internet. God demands that Christians submit to constituted authorities either in the church, country, community and other forms of leadership, he said.

“Don’t attack the President of the country, whether in words or in the newspapers or through the Internet. Honor kings. Don’t disrespect or dishonor the governors. Don’t disrespect leaders of the community and leaders in the church. If we are to honor the governors in the states, how much more the pastors! ”

Nigerians who apparently doesn’t study their bibles, attacked the 77-year old pastor over his preaching. See some of their reactions on Twitter, below:

“Christians must attack Buhari cos Buhari is attacking Christians in Nigeria. Too obvious. Pastor Kumuyi doesn’t watch TV cos they are evil that’s why he didn’t know that Buhari is 100% anti-Christians.”

“Pastor Kumuyi, there was no democratic government in the bible, quoting the bible in this instance makes no sense. Democracy requires that we hold our leaders accountable.”

“Pastor Kumuyi said Christians should stop criticizing Buhari by quoting Peter 2: 11-25, but I think he skip or forget the below verses. Jesus, who came from heaven, criticised King Herod, a political leader (Luke 13:32).”

“Pastor Kumuyi should mind his business and not look for our trouble. When did he even start watching news on TV self, thought it was a sin. Confused people.”

“Pastor Kumuyi claims to be a man of God, but his utterances that supports Buhari’s genocidal agenda has redefined his claim. Why would he say that no one should attack Buhari through any means? … @ShehuSani @MaziNnamdiKanu God can never breed a coward as servant.”‏

“Pastor Kumuyi has given Nigerians a good piece of advice, but @MBuhari’s attitude won’t allow them stop attacking him. That’s the bitter truth!‏”

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