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Elisha Abbo: Deji Adeyanju leads protest against the ‘slapping Senator’

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Senator Elisha Abbo

Activist Deji Adeyanju and other concerned Nigerians earlier on Wednesday storms the Police Force Headquarters to protest over alleged assault of a woman by Senator Elisha Abbo.

The protesters has call for his arrest of the ‘slapping senator’.

A CCTV footage released by PremiumTimes, shows the PDP ‘Youngest Nigerian Senator’ Elisha Abbo who is from Adamawa State, slapping a staff at intimacy gadgets store in Abuja.

Protesters call for arrest of the 'slapping senator', Elisha Abbo.
Protesters call for arrest of the ‘slapping senator’, Elisha Abbo.

Protesters call for arrest of the 'slapping senator', Elisha Abbo.

Police Force PRO, Frank Mba receives the petition against Senator Elisha Abbo over alleged assault.

WATCH the video, below:

  • Oby Ezekwesili reaction

Former presidential candidate Oby Ezekwesili has reacted to the Senator Elisha Abbo saga.

Ezekwesili tweeted on Wednesday that she had not been able to shake off the angst that the assault video evokes. She said she was more angered by the fact that Mr Abbo felt ‘entitled to adoration from those ladies’.

“Simply unable to shake-off the deep angst that this video of a primitively violent certain Senator Elisha Abbo evokes. How far have we fallen that such hooliganism & extreme abuse of status could happen before a Nigerian Police officer who obeyed the valiant & arrested the Victim?

“Know what worsened my angst? The fact that Abbo — an obvious ‘Onye Nkilika Mmadu’ felt entitled to adoration from those ladies. He went ballistics &criminally physically and verbally assaulted the two ladies while a desecrated @PoliceNG officer carried out his own bidding. Kai!” the former education minister said.

In the video, Abbo, 41, on May 11 assaulted a woman, said to be a nursing mother after she defended an attendant at a intimacy gadget shop who was about to be arrested on claims that she had insulted the lawmaker.

The senator was said to have returned to the store to warn against releasing the footage of the incident.

Since the case was reported on May 14 at the Maitama Area Command Headquarters on Nile Street, the police have been reportedly negligent on the matter.

  • Atiku’s reaction

Former Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar also reacted to the video showing Senator Abbo assaulting a nursing mother.

“I’ve seen the alleged assault video involving Sen. Elisha Abbo. The video is sad, inexcusable. I know the Senator quite well. But the law is clear and leaders must lead by example.

“I advise him to publicly apologize, voluntarily go to the police and show a good example expected of a young leader. I also call on our party, the  @OfficialPDPNig to take necessary disciplinary action and the  @PoliceNG to ensure the law takes its full course.” he tweeted.

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