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How to understand God’s will for your life – Pastor David Okoye

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Through my years in ministry, I have noticed something so common with a lot of Christians. through my numerous conversation with persons, I have come to observe that believers accept whatever life throws at them and later caption it as God’s will.

So you hear of a Christian whose 5-year-old daughter dies as a result of malaria say, ‘It is God’s will for her to die: This hell-inspired mentality has so dug its root to the soils of the church.

You cannot accept defeat as the will of God! you see, a man who understands the concept of God’s will can never be in a fix. A weak and poverty-strickened life is not the will of God; The will of God is anything that drives into eternal fulfillment. If it isn’t tied to eternal fulfillment, that is in your hands. Anything without an eternal weight is not God’s will. So as a student, you can’t see failing an exam as God’s will, because it has no eternal content to God.

When God’s will come onto play, the choice is not inspired by your feelings or what you want; it must be inspired by something that has eternal value.

If your choice ever affects purpose, then it is not in the will of God. A man who understands the will of the father doesn’t spend time making decisions. This is because he has come to understand that every of his choice must be in accordance to external purpose.

There are processes and events that happen here on earth that you have the power to change are those that run into eternity. For example, a Christian interceding for the devil to be forgiven of his sins.

There are certain things that you have the power to do and undo as a Godchild because they are of no value to God. God wouldn’t make all changes; learn to change it.

Don’t settle for a low-class, mediocre life as God’s will. learn to set things in motion. Be the true son that knows and understands his father’s will.

Make this Declaration, below;

Lord, I understand your will. I refuse to accept failure, short comings and setbacks as the will of God. My choices are inspired by eternity.

Source: Ambassadors Word Diet – Daily Devotional

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