All the victims of the Port Harcourt unknown serial killer was tied with a white handkerchief on their necks

White handkerchief on victims of Port-Harcourt serial killer

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All the victims of the Port Harcourt unknown serial killer were tied with a white handkerchief on their necks
All the victims of the Port Harcourt unknown serial killer were tied with a white handkerchief on their necks

Rivers State capital, Port Harcourt is currently in chaos and in tears as several ladies have been killed in different hotels by an unidentified serial killer.

Another lady was reportedly murdered again in a hotel located at Rumuola, Port Harcourt on Sunday. As usual, a white handkerchief was tied to the naked victim’s legs, hands, and neck.

The lifeless body of the yet-to-be-identified lady was discovered on Monday, Sept. 16 inside one of the rooms of the hotel.

This is coming a few days after another lady was found strangled to death at another hotel in the State.

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One of the victims identified as Nikky Dora worked at the hotel. Her sister Nketa Esther Bright said she was killed alongside another staff while attending to some guys who booked a room at the lodging facility.

The Nigerian Police Force had claimed that prostitution was what got the victims to the hotel rooms and also what got them killed.

But, a Twitter user recently tweeted revealing the ‘modus operandi’ of the alleged serial killers on the lose in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital.

According to the Twitter user, the killers are ritualists who pose as potential customers to unsuspecting victims. She said most of their victims (all females) are online vendors who are usually lured to the hotels to deliver “pay on delivery” wares.

She also claimed that the killers usually use a lady to communicate with the “vendors”, making it look really unsuspicious.

She said such “vendors”, upon arrival at the hotels, are lured to the rooms by the females posing as customers, with flimsy excuses of being too lazy to walk, or not dressed up.

When asked by her followers how she managed to gather such information, she claimed a friend who was lucky not to have fallen victim, shared the story.

According to the story, the lady overheard a male voice in the background of the telephone conversation with her supposed female buyer.

She claimed her friend heard a male voice whispering to her supposed customer ‘Tell her to come to the room’, which made her quickly exit the premises.

This year alone, more than 8 ladies have been murdered in hotels and in a similar manner, prompting people to believe a serial killer is on the prowl in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital.

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