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Revealed: The main purpose why Anthony Joshua recently visited Nigeria

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Anthony Joshua had his Nigerian National ID card done in his recent visit to Nigeria

Anthony Joshua, although born in the United Kingdom, has roots deeply grounded in Nigeria. He recently visited Nigeria and we got to see a glimpse of his Nigerian side.

AJ currently holds the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO titles. He most recently beat Andy Ruiz Jr in a rematch and he next faces Kubrat Pulev. Anthony Joshua is just one belt away from being crowned Britain’s undisputed Heavyweight Champion. Then where does his Nigerian side come from if he’s majorly British?

Joshua’s parents have Nigerian roots. His mother, although was born in the United Kingdom, traveled back to Nigeria at the age of 3 and spent many of her early years there. She spent a lot of her time in Nigeria and practically grew up there. His father also was born and raised in Nigeria and later traveled to the UK. In turn, Anthony became a frequent traveler to Nigeria.

Anthony Joshua says a sense of Nigeria even today is very evident in his UK household. He says, “In my house, it’s Nigeria. Outside my house, I was in the UK.”I was born and bred in the UK. I was a London boy! Watford boy at heart!” But there was a very strong Nigeria influence on him that came from both his parents at home.

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Anthony Joshua considers Nigeria to be his home as well. He connects with the people there like no other. He says addressing the people of Nigeria, “I now want to fight for my fellow Nigerians as well. There’s nothing different in me that I don’t see in you. Everything I am is everything you are.” Anthony Joshua’s soul truly lies with the Nigerian people.

Anthony Joshua with his dad and son

The main purpose behind Anthony’s recent trip to Nigeria was to show his son where his father was originally from. Make his son met his dad and see their home country. See where it all began! Anthony’s father loves the UK, but he’s yet to see a place like Nigeria. He says there’s no place like home referring to Nigeria. Anthony went to see his father and his community. Taste the food and breathe in the open spaces and lovely weather.” Me? I’m a party boy! love a good party!” Anthony Joshua says referring to the open spaces.

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