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Another tyrant in wait: Photos of Kim Yo-Jong next leader of North Korea

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It is claimed Kim Yo-jong has become ever more powerful in North Korea as speculation over her brother’s potential health problems mount after he missed his grandfather’s anniversary event last week

Dictator Kim Jong-un’s little sister is fast becoming his “alter ego” and is tightening her grip on the country, the world has been warned.

Kim Yo-jong, the North Korean leader’s 31-year-old sibling, has many of the same traits as the tyrant, according to top political commentators.

The revelation comes as fears grow for the leader’s health.

It is claimed that she is now “the most important figure” in the oppressive regime.

Her sudden rise to power hasn’t surprised insiders after she last month called South Korea a “frightened dog barking” following her country’s recent live-fire military exercise.

Youngshik Bong, a researcher at in Seoul’s Yonsei University’s Institute for North Korean Studies, told The Guardian : “It is revealing that Kim Jong-un permitted her to write and announce a scathing statement about South Korea in such a personal tone.

“He is clearly ready to allow his sister to become his alter ego.”

Kim Yo-jong is learning quickly and many expect her to step up with questions over the 36-year-old’s health being asked on a daily basis.

Leonid Petrov – a North Korea specialist and senior lecturer – added: “She has direct access to and strong influence on Kim Jong-un.

“She is not associated with his purges or military brinkmanship, but knows all about them.

“She is a trusted political figure who helps Kim maintain a positive public image when he is dealing with foreigners or South Koreans.”

Kim Jong Un’s absence from an important anniversary event last week fueled speculation over his potential health problems.

A spokeswoman at Seoul’s Unification Ministry said: “It is possible that there was a problem with his health or safety even if temporary, though it is difficult to assess how the situation might be.

“He has been going there on the birthdays of his grandfather and father to flaunt his royalty to them and sacred bloodline.”

The International Crisis Group’s Duyeon Kim told CNN that it was “unprecedented for him to skip paying his respects”.

He said: “Ever since he took power, he always showed up for these most important days for North Korea. It’s so far unclear if he paid tribute by himself before the others.”

More photos, below:

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