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Fury responds to Wilder ‘demanding $10 million to step aside’

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Tyson Fury insists he will not pay Deontay Wilder any step-aside money in order to clear the path for a fight with Anthony Joshua.

Wilder has already indicated that he wants to exercise his rematch clause with Fury after losing the WBC heavyweight title to the Gypsy King in February. However, reports this week have claimed that Wilder would consider accepting a $10 million (£8.1m) payment, plus a guarantee of a fight between the winner of Fury vs Joshua, if he passed up his rematch opportunity.

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However, Fury has said that he would rather beat Wilder for a second time in the ring than pay out a lucrative figure to the Bronze Bomber.

“I think we’ve got the rematch with Wilder on as well at some point,’ Fury said in an Instagram live video on Thursday.

“Then we’ve got two AJ fights, well one and then obviously when I batter him he’ll want a rematch.

fury wilder rematch
Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder to win the WBC heavyweight title in February

“Wilder’s got a rematch clause. Some newspaper reported that he wanted $10 million to step aside. But I’m not paying him no money to step aside, I’d rather take his scalp again.

“I’ll beat him in the ring, that’s how I’ll get him out of the way. I wouldn’t pay him $2 million to step aside – I’d rather give him another battering again.

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“I’m going to take him out again for the third time, hopefully at the end of the year, and then we’re going to go into 2021 with the biggest fight in boxing history between two undefeated British heavyweights, me and AJ, and we’re going to battle it out for all the gold.

“There used to be a three-headed monster in this division – me, Wilder and Joshua – and then Ruiz knocked out Joshua, burst that bubble, broke him in, and then I broke in the Bronze Bomber. Three became two and then two become one, and now I’m a standalone soldier.

“And they all need to come through me now and it’s not an easy task because I guard the gate.”

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