Rivers APC Crisis: Ex-Chief of Staff Tony Okocha calls for Peace and Reconciliation

Tony Okocha’s Challenge: Alex Wele Picks Up The Gauntlet

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Rivers APC Crisis: Ex-Chief of Staff Tony Okocha calls for Peace and Reconciliation
Ex-Rivers State Chief of Staff, Chief Tony Okocha


Well done my brother.

My attention was drawn to your gibberish on the aforestated caption. I wondered why you were not courageous enough to inbox/copy me like I did when I responded to your earlier tackle?

Why did it take you so long in the draft-room to come out with this wishy-washy reaction?

Anyway, just to let you know that, I took my time to profusely and ferociously read through your response, culled from the original source to a platform where I participate, by your Mafia Messenger.
I indeed read with an open mind.

I could hardly fathom out the essence of your needless rigmaroles apart from the devilish wiles attendant to it.

I won’t waste my precious time dignifying you with further responses as doing so, will lead me into avoidable temptations.

Do you remember your popular guy-name among our peers in the community?. (Gbelem). Tell your cheerleaders the meaning Pls.

I have forwarded your claim to a free and fair primary election to Hon Linda Wali to respond to you as it made no sense to me why you introduced it. I thought you should have noted that your name arising from the said primaries, made its way to the ballot for the house of Assembly Elections in 2019

In your response to index 2 sub i) you were not satisfied with the reason I gave.
You wanted me to reveal the contributions/value I brought to the office I comfortably occupied for upward of three years? Shame!

Anyway, you are oblivious of what is called Oath of Secrecy administered to an officer at the echelon that I operated.
I merely reminded you that as a junior aide of the Governor, I was responsible for your allowances. A fact you could not deny.

You couldn’t also deny that by mere nomenclature, the office Chief of Staff, to a Chief Executive, is the boss to every other personal aide of that Chief Executive.

In your answer to index 2 subs ii, you informed that on two occasions, the boss, CRA, threatened to sack me but for the pleas from high ranking officials, including Senator Magnus Abe.
Are you really inviting the Senator so named to stand as witness to you or any other high ranking official of Government?

Where was the threatened sack made and for what reasons Pls? Maybe embezzlement, misappropriation, incompetence, adjudication/dereliction of duty?

On your answer to 3, Thankfully, you admitted that you got a contract from Minister Wike which you later showed to CRA. The reason being that it was a favour from a fellow party member.

I ask, were we in APC when Late Chief G. U. Ake was removed by a court in Abuja, as the duly elected Chairman of PDP in RIVERS STATE?

You noted that it was the evil plot by a brother to pull down and cause the sack of his own brother at all cost, deploying all such evil venoms as gossip, that caused your temporary redeployment to port Harcourt for 6 months.

Pls, what was the subject matter of that gossip? As a handsome man or one who performed his functions efficiently?

Are you admitting that CRA as our overall Boss, was prone to listening and acting on gossips?

You didn’t answer the question if you knew One Mr John Enebeli (now Chief) and what position he occupied for RIVERS STATE GOVERNMENT in Abuja at the time that you manned the bit as SA to the Governor on NEC/NCOS?

I will say nothing about paragraph 7 under 3. It is your usual devious stratagems intended for eye-service and redemption of gutter image.

On your 4, Attendance of meeting in the company of the Boss. I will also not dignify you by informing readers of the confidential meetings and or confidential errands I had to run for my Principal in the line of my duties. Just too pedestrian and betrayal of confidence and trust on your part.

On 5, IROKO See how embittered you are, that I preferred to call myself as an Iroko. Why don’t you call yourself a Boabab or Olive tree? Why is that your headache?

I repeat to your consternation that in the founding of APC in RIVERS STATE, I am an IROKO. You can proceed to the cyberspace or hug an electric transformer if you so wish. What is the relationship between an IROKO and losing Election?

At least I am happy that I contested, lost, approached the tribunals and won.
Presented me for a rerun and the rest is history.

Did you contest?

On 7. Educational Pedigree. I am indeed grateful that you admitted to the obvious truth that I was One clear year, ahead of you in both Secondary and Tertiary Schools.

You should have also admitted that I freely dished out punishments to you in our Secondary School days. How come then that you asked my Pedigree? Your Senior? Not a Never-do-well? Gosh!.

No 8. Special Thanksgiving. I am still wondering whether to respond to this because of your tongue-in-cheek offering.
That I referred to CRA as my “Former Boss” during my special Church Thanksgiving service in December 29th 2019 for which reason you and your ilks did not come for the reception at my residence and being clairvoyant, you knew that the Opposition Party had a field day, tell the reading Public how bitter you were that I survived a life threatening ill-health.

Why couldn’t you communicate that I mentioned CRA for commendations in the course of that thanksgiving for his assistance during my period of travail?
See what I mean? Pettiness, deep-seated animosity, bile and hatred and the penchant to grandstand.

Index 4 your 9 above. “Wike a small boy/cultist.” You headed a partisan group (you can supply the name), unless you want to deny, that canvassed support for your Principal against Gov Wike’s candidature.

Do you want your video on those campaigns? At least you know that I was in some of your campaign trains and I had my press crew with me.

You never stopped calling Wike a small boy, cultist and a tout against cultured etiquette.

This era of wilful denials will impose a burden on me to release the videos if and when necessary.

Emphatically, the statement is typical of you.

No 10. Cocktails. Briefly put, I attended and will attend more banquets, cocktails and parties in Government house, under Wike’s Governorship. , encourage them to send me more invites.

Didn’t I see Governor Wike in the Special Thanksgiving service of the Deputy Senate President? Is the DSP not APC?

Didn’t the Erudite Vice President of Nigeria commission Gov Wike’s projects in Rivers State and gave him the sobriquet, Mr Project? Need I say more?

Please if and when I attend, I will be accorded my due recognition.
No apologies to you my brother.

Index 7. Ward 12 APC meetings.
Your claims to holding APC meetings in Ward 12 is laughable and highly deceptive. Holding meetings under what guise? Which faction of the APC?
Can anyone stop you from holding a club/family meeting at your house?
Who is the legitimate Chairman of the ward, of APC extraction?

Index 8. 13 by your numbering. ‘Traces in Rumuigbo Clan.’ You forayed into arrant nonsense. I have no time to engage you on those inanities that you tried to make heavy weather on.

I thought that you would have tried to be magnanimous enough to concede to some projects standing in the community today, to my credit.

For example, the magnificent edifice standing today as Rumuigbo Civic Centre, the Skills Acquisition Centre, the many employment opportunities attracted to our people, the empowerment programmes including palliatives to the vulnerable even at this Covid-19 pandemic period. You probably don’t see, neither heard nor read.

Why drag me into the issues of disputes and disputations and recognition of Traditional Institutions in Rumuigbo and Apara Kingdom?

Am I really qualified for all those accolades? Where were you in the midst of these your claimed negative bravados?

Mind you I have copied your spurious accusations to those you mentioned.
They will respond to you.

I shall only take one seriously because it goes to criminality.

You noted that when Majesty S.N. Wali, (Eze Oha Apara) died and was to be buried, that I received the sum of 20 million nairas supposedly from Rivers State Government, for the burial without declaring same to his family.

Brother, you agree with me that One Prince Chima Wali is the first Son to the deceased and that Hon Charles Okaye was the commissioner for Chieftaincy at the point in time.

I shall put a bet for anyone to investigate through calls or personal contact with the aforenamed to confirm if Alex Wele’s allegation against me is true.
Where it’s confirmed true I take responsibility for any name to be ascribed to my person, either as dubious or criminally minded. Where the outcome of this interrogation proves negative, Chief Alex should henceforth be seen as a cruel blackmailer and an unrepentant liar and a dwarf in humiliation.
He must, therefore, apologise in writing or be prepared to face the music.
Readers are my witness.

Let me put on record that the only external assistance for the burial of HM Late S. N Wali (Eze Oha Apara) came from Obio/Akpor Local Government Council, under Dr Lawrence Chuku, in the tune of 2m naira, which was handed over to the then Regent committee headed by two eminent Chiefs in Rumuigbo together with my personal contribution.

Alex Wele knows them and they are available for confirmation.

I should have mentioned their names but don’t have their permissions to do so.
Any interested reader should please investigate.

On other nonsensical claims of Suspension from Council of Chiefs, instigations to this and that, Chief Alex is just on a journey to perdition.

I hold the title of “Eze Ruwhuoha Ekinigbo” (The Face/Pride of the Ekinigbo clan) till date. It adds no value to this piece to discuss the disagreements that ensued and engulfed my clan. I am well trained, cultured and cultivated not to go public on the issues, it’s only characters like Alex that can take an onslaught or win a war against his tribe.

No 14. ‘Alex’s Pedigree.’ Alex Wele was busy with reeling out his CV even as a toilet manager.

I wouldn’t join issues with him on that.
He was the one who challenged me on pedigree for which I dropped just a little.
Now that he has availed us of his, we can compare and contrast the quality in both.

No 15. Follows from No 14 and is to that extent empty.

I won’t join issues except to say that he never was at any point my superior.
I didn’t serve under Alex Wele in his department in the school.

I was an Out-Going Student and in fact, de facto President, SUG, UNIPORT when Alex Wele was NURSS President, National. The bursary payment he supervised which went haywire in accusation of embezzlement and undercover activities, I was not a beneficiary having left the university.
I did my one year Youth Service in Abia State, a year before Chief Alex.
We were installed Chiefs in Ekinigbo on the same day.

The Rumuigbo Youth Association which Alex grew to become President at some point, was founded by One Mr Andy Amadi and Myself. It was a students’ organisation outfit

No 16. ‘Movement From Party to Party.’
All the tripe here is very unfortunate.
He doesn’t know that the only thing that is permanent in life, is flux, (change). Where were we before our membership of APC.

He should know that I never betrayed any of those I served under, during my service with them and at no time.

All he tried shamefully to do, is to pitch me against my benefactors at one time or the other.

Too bad for this overt chicanery. Happily, I am in good terms with all that I worked/work with unknown to Chief Alex.

If I were in a bad relationship, we would not have been in communication to the extent of what Alex imagined is going on.
I did not negotiate with anybody’s name let alone de witty Gov Wike to become or to get appointed as Chief Of Staff as Alex claimed.

Does anybody lead Gov Amaechi (as he then was), by the nose? Except is telling us what we don’t know.

Particularly on index x under 15, where Alex alluded to my relationship with My friend Azubike Wanjoku President -General, IYM. I feel sorry for him. He doesn’t know the history of the founding of IYM which he joined after 9 years or so, of existence.

He doesn’t also know how we operated.
PG as we fondly called him, and I got closely knitted via IYM and we enjoyed a relationship that grew from official to intimately private.

For my 15 years service as Secretary-General (2002-2017), I never had any quarrel with BYKE. We trusted and respected each other not even when I became CoS only in 2012 and was removed in 2017 for Political difference, namely; CRA vs SMA.

Byke and I shared confidences that have remained with us. He was a good man. Sorry to disappoint you, Alex, on this.

Chief Alex said I never supported Chief Andrew Uchendu’s bid to go to Senate.
‘Chai!. Dia is God ooo!.’

I was a candidate of APC for House of Representatives for Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency, one of the 8 LGAs under Rivers East Senatorial District that Chief Uchendu was candidating. Our election was on the same day and same political platform. How couldn’t I have supported Chief Andrew Uchendu?

Chief Alex did not know that all our witnesses to the tribunal cases in Abuja took counsels from our lawyers before every court day at the residence of Chief Andrew Uchendu in Abuja.

This is dangerous ignorance as a result of stupidity.

What a bare-faced blackmail. I know this dummy must have been trending same way, Senator Abe and I were accused by same Alex of not supporting DAP’s Gubernatorial race in 2015.

However, I summarise by saying that I have written in the simplest of words and letters to avoid ambiguities.

I even elected to offer this response to a man who out of sheer jealousy and hatred decided to dance naked in the market square.

I have never oppressed Chief Alex Wele in any way in spite of my being higher and above him at some point, pardon our secondary school days.

I repeat again that Alex and I are age mates. He should deal with his inferiority complex.

Positive envy is virtuous while negative jealousy is a vice.

I conclude that I will never be dragged to the point of making snide comments against my Boss, CRA, Senator Abe, Governor Wike, Chief Uchendu, Azubike Wanjoku or anyone else mentioned unwittingly in his gibberish article. Not at the height of provocation.

This attempt of Alex seems to be a deliberate ploy to scuttle the on-going peace process because he is not on the driver’s seat.

Alex should please note; For the records, that any further attack on my person machinated by him will make me throw decorum to the dust.

“I am not hard but frighteningly soft. I hate or refuse to be hounded” ~Magaret Thatcher

My name is Chief Tony C Okocha,ksc, JP.

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