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‘Alex Wele in pain after attempt to blackmail me failed’, says Chief Tony Okocha

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Chief Tony Okocha, a former Chief of Staff to ex-Rivers State governor now Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, has said he is not hurried to make responses as claimed by Hon. Alex Wele.

Replying to Wele’s statement titled “JUST A PASSING REMARK ON TONY OKOCHA’S HURRIED RESPONSE“, Chief Tony revealed how Hon. Alex Wele attempt to blackmail him with falsehood.

Find Chief Tony Okocha’s response, below:


Alex, I don’t hurry to make responses like you quipped in your headline (I Shall Not Dignify You Further With My Response, Alex Wele Replies Tony Okocha), because I am everly alert and well equipped with facts and figures at my fingertips, so your reference to a hurried response is ‘ipso facto’ dead on arrival.

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I don’t also find clemency in the manufacturing of barefaced lies that may warrant my going into the draft room for many days to be able to churn out a fitting response to issues that concern me.

I have elected not to further engage you with responses to your odorous diatribes borne out of frustration and complex. Especially as I vowed not to in respect for a plethora of counsels from knowledgeable and well-meaning Nigerians not to condescend low as that may dignify you.

I am only tempted to make public the private conversations that you initiated after my response to your second phase gibberish post, which was laced with lies and wicked wiles.

Why the puffing and huffing after several days again?.

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You wanted to take advantage of my pensive mood occasioned by the loss of my elder sister which has been greeted with condolences from well-wishers and friends even when you mockingly joined, to attack me.

It didn’t cross your mind that I could be vigilant to your villainy and may muster the frame of mind to put up a succinct reply. As it is said in Ikwerre Aphorisms “When a lizard lives so long in a farm it becomes an alligator”.

I understand the pain you have been through when your attempt to blackmail me with falsehood, failed spectacularly.

But reading through your hogwash, I was curiously expecting an answer to the poser I put across to you.

In your ant rant all through the tripe that you posted, here again, you couldn’t tell your cheerleaders the meaning of your fond name “GBELEM”.

It is therefore still not lost on me to challenge you to oblige us the meaning or are you saying that no such nickname exists?

On the issue of 20million Naira for the burial of late Majesty S.N. Wali, I have mentioned the names of those that should know. (Prince Chima Wali) the first son to the deceased Eze (Chief Mourner), Hon Charles Okaye, then Commissioner for Chieftaincy Affairs, and the Regent committee for the burial headed by two prominent chiefs in Ekinigbo Clan.

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I have equally forwarded your claim of knowledge of the funds released to me for the burial being known to an individual of Ekinigbo extraction with a security background to the person. I dare you to mention the person’s name just as I have done for ease of reference and recourse.

Their responses to any independent investigator will help the reading public to ascertain the propriety or otherwise of your wild allegation.

But alas, is it not preposterous for you to request any curious investigator to come to you privately for further information on the matter?

Couldn’t you be bold to avail your readers the name/names of those who whispered to you about the release of the funds to me?

Is it not true that facts are sacred?

Is it not trite that ‘he who asserts ought necessarily to prove?’

For those who know the workings of government, is it not clear that releases of funds are made via applications/memo?

Was I at any point the chief mourner?

Was I a member of the deceased family?

Please do you have a record of the memo I made in this regard? Was the office of the Chief Of Staff responsible for releases meant for the burial of traditional rulers in Rivers State?

Was the office of the commissioner for Chieftaincy Affairs annexed or under the supervision of the office of the Chief Of Staff?

I thought you would have, to further buttress your spurious allegation exhibited the approval and release of funds for this purpose from Rivers State Government to me.

The documents ought to be public documents and can be displayed for all to see. Until you do that, you remain a blatant and idiotic liar.

I shall not engage in further rigmaroles by responding to other irrelevant spews of yours as a lie necessarily begets other lies in an attempt to validate the foundational lie.

Fortunately, though, a lie can never be true, no matter how it is slanted.

No more for you, my depraved brother. I refuse to promote your grandstanding.

Your mischievous intentions can be easily deduced from your ignominious twists.

Time is precious for me now more than ever before, especially as I remain neck-deep in seeking reconciliation and peace for our dear party APC in Rivers State and the humdrum associated with the burial of my departed elder sister.

My chat with you like I stated on this issue is no secret and I shall thus share as screenshots, especially in this era of wilful denials. So that your readers will know what stuff you’re made of.

Tony C Okocha ksc JP.

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