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Actor Chris Hemsworth, Netflix react to Ikorodu Bois “extraction” movie remake

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Nigerian internet sensation Ikorodu Bois have earned an invite to the world premiere of Netflix action thriller, Extraction 2 after making a remake of the first trailer.

The Ikorudu Bois created and shared their remake of the trailer of the first film on their Twitter page.

“We so much love this movie and we hope @chrishemsworth and @netflix sees this remake, pls retweet” they captioned the video which showed their shot-by-shot version of the trailer.

The producers of Extraction, Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo, collectively known as the Russo brothers praised the remake and also invited the boys for the world premiere of the sequel of the film.

“This is awesome! We would love to have you guys at the #Extraction 2 premiere…DM us and we’ll get you there!”

Chris Hemsworth, the star of the film, reposted the remake on his Instagram page.

“huge shout out to these amazing young film makers @ikorodu_bois for recreating @extraction trailer shot for shot! I think your version might be better than the original !! @netflixfilm”, he captioned.

Extraction’s director Sam Hargrave also shared the video and wrote

“So awesome!! These amazing young filmmakers from Nigeria recreated the #Extraction trailer shot for shot. Such ingenuity!! Bravo. Link to their full-length original video on twitter in my bio. CHECK IT OUT! @netflixfilm @netflix @chrishemsworth #youngfilmmakers #cool #bravo #encore”

The Ikorodu Bois have gained fame for mimicking music videos and film trailers. In April, they were praised by Spanish actor Álvaro Morte, the lead character of Netflix Spanish drama series, Money Heist.

The boys have also earned recognition and praise from major Hollywood stars such as Will Smith and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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