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“Ize-Iyamu is my brother, let him join me to build Edo state”, says Obaseki

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Edo State Governor and winner of the 2020 Edo state Governorship election Godwin Obaseki has asked the candidate of the All Progressives Congress to join him to build the state.

Obaseki said this in an exclusive interview with BBC Pidgin on Sunday night after his victory for the Edo state governorship election.

Obaseki says Ize-Iyamu and himself are brothers and they should join hands to serve Edo state.

“We have contested before, we have contested again. When you see the result before and now you will know what the people want. We are brothers and come from the same place, what is the contest for again? Is it not to serve the people? as the people have spoken what the want, he should join me lets work together to the state.” He said.

Obaseki who said his victory come as shock to him, thank the people of Edo state, and promise not to disappoint them.

“What really makes me so joyful was the way Edo people came out, the way they came out to support me, my opposition was saying I’m not popular, people don’t like me, they said I’m not spending money, we didn’t do anything, the way they talk about me, you will not buy me for one kobo. But see the way the people turn out, they gave them money, they took it but didn’t vote for them.”

“When I saw the way the people turn out and said they are not foolish the way other people thought they were, they know who they want, such thing, put pressure on you, knowing all these people that came out to vote for you have faith in you, you won’t leave them at all, all what you promise you must do it,” Obaseki said.

Obaseki also spoke about the role President Muhammadu Buhari played to make sure that the election was free and fair.

“Before the election, the president issued a statement saying everybody should do their work as they should for every party to get level playing field, says INEC and Inspector General to do their job and of a true, they did their jobs.”

The election result reads:

Godwin Obaseki (PDP) – 307, 955 votes

Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu (APC) – 223, 619 votes

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