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Wilder is now ready and willing to fight Fury in December

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Raphael Akpejiori, the training partner of Deontay Wilder, says the once-beaten boxer is ready and willing to fight WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, in December.

Back in February, Fury stopped Wilder in seven rounds to capture the WBC title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Wilder exercised an immediate rematch clause to force a trilogy fight.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the third bout has been postponed several times – with December 19th being the last tentative date kicked around by both sides.

The ongoing restrictions connected to the pandemic have prevented both sides from setting down a concrete date and location.

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But Fury, growing tired of waiting for the third bout to get finalized, is planning to fight on December 5.

Fury and his handlers believe Wilder’s rematch clause has expired – and they intend to forward with other plans.

But Akpejiori, who speaks to Wilder on a weekly basis, says his close friend is fully prepared to face Fury on a date in December.

“I’m just saying from Deontay’s perspective he is ready to go for December. I’m not involved in the politics or anything but one thing I know from Deontay is he is ready to go in December. Deontay is expecting Wilder-Fury in December, I’m just saying what Deontay is expecting,” Akpejiori said to The Sun.

“He is expecting Wilder-Fury in December, that’s what he’s been told and that is what he is training for and he’s ready to go. [Fury] has a contract for a rematch I believe, so he has to show up to the arena on that day. Deontay will show up to the arena on that day, that’s what I can tell you. I have conversations with him once a week. To the best of my knowledge he will be in that arena, wherever that fight takes place.

“He’s in shape, we haven’t sparred just yet, we just workout together. We do a lot of strength and conditioning work together because we share the same trainer obviously. He’s an athlete, he’s a superhuman athlete in his unique type of body and the way he’s carrying himself.”

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