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Man acquitted of murder after proving wife ordered him to choke her during sex

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A 32-year-old Canadian man had been acquitted of a murder charge after his lawyers proved that the death of his 26-year-old wife resulted from sweet lovemaking.

The court had learned that the young wife had an unusual fetish where she would request her husband to choke her so she can have what is called the near-death orgasm.

The husband also revealed that his young wife had passed out during these dangerous orgasms on many occasions, and he always revived her.

On that fateful day, however, things did not go the way they’d hope. They were choking each other, and they both must have came and passed out simultaneously.

Édouard said he woke up next to Zoe, who was passed out and unresponsive in his affidavit. He also claimed that his mind was foggy as they had drunk a few bottles of wine before they made love.

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“We had both came her neck was red but also turning black, my neck was red and bleeding a little from her sharp nails. I tried all I can to revive her like I usually do, but she did not come back. While I was performing vigorous compression on her chest, she farted. I continued, but then I hear a few of her ribs broke, and that when I called the emergency services.”

Canadian man acquitted of murder after proving wife made him choke her during lovemaking
Deceased wife, Zoe. This image was taken 3 days before the incident. Zoe was a graphic designer

The first responder agreed that it looked like a lovemaking scene. The sheets were all wet with what had been proven to be his and her cum.

The couple’s neighbors had testified that the two were so in love, and their lovemaking had always been a topic of the apartment complex they were living in since the day they moved in.

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“She died doing what she loved.” Said Ema, a 38-year-old night who was not shy to tell the court that she and the couple were in talks about have a threesome.

The only people who are not pleased about Édouard being a free man is his insurance company.

“We are going to pay out 1 million dollars to a murderer. This is not justice at all. It is obvious he killed her for the insurance money fattish my ass that man is a murderer.”

Source: Global Nea

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