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Ngannou is scared, nothing special, I’ll beat him in MMA or boxing – Whyte

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Heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte has once again challenged Francis Ngannou, who currently holds the UFC’s heavyweight title.

This time around, Whyte is ready to fight Ngannou in the boxing ring or the UFC’s cage.

Whyte and Ngannou have traded words more than once over the years.

Ngannou has a lot of interest to eventually cross over to boxing – but he wants to face a world champion.

Whyte’s promoter, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom, would love to finalize a two-fight agreement with Ngannou – where one fight takes place in boxing and one takes place in MMA.

Hearn had tried to make the fight in the past and actually filmed a press conference with Whyte and Ngannou. The footage was never aired, because the UFC’s legal team got involved and shut the hype train down.

Whyte, who does have an kickboxing and MMA background, is willing to make their fight happen in the cage.

“If Ngannou wants a fight tomorrow, I’ll fight him tomorrow,” Whyte told Sky Sports. “I want to make it fair. I know some other boxers want to fight an MMA guy.

“I believe I can beat him in both styles. I can beat him in MMA and in boxing. I don’t think he’s anything special, whichever they want. The guy is scared, so if doing MMA makes him feel better. If we have a fight in the cage first, he might take it, but if we offer him a boxing fight, then he might say, ‘No, no, no.’ If he wants it, he can get it.

“I’ve already beaten him outside the ring when we recorded a head to head last year. He’s very fragile. He calls himself ‘The Predator’ but he should be called ‘The Pacifier’ because he’s a real dummy and a cry baby. Afterwards he ran to his boss Dana White, pleading to get it pulled. He was terrified of actually fighting me after he had a meltdown on air. Pathetic.”

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