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A BIOGRAPHY OF DUPLICITY: The story of Dae Steven Deegbara

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I actually had no intention to join issues with Dae Stephen Deegbara over the gibberish he wrote yesterday on Facebook and shared on WhatsApp against Distinguished Senator Magnus Abe in the name of a phony, non-existent group (Ogoni Young Progressives Leaders Forum), but being from the same place with him, somehow, the name of OGONI is being dragged into the mud and by ethnic connection, perhaps, the mud is splattered on me. My plan is still not to join issues with Deegbara, though, but just to tell the world who he is. In so doing, I promise to be fact-based, and to maintain fidelity with truth. Any reader who spots any untruth in what I will write hereunder should come forward and controvert me. To everyone who is able to do that, I pledge to give the sum of N10,000 only, payable via a cheque which I have already brought out. This pledge should not be construed that I am Obi Cubana, no, far from it, it is only made to nail me to my unflattering commitment to truth. Here comes the biography of Stephen Deegbara.

The first “boss” that Steven had in politics was Mr Martins Bie, a very well behaved gentlemen from Gwara, his community in Khana LGA. In 2015, Steven was a staunch supporter of Dr. Dakuku Peterside, and was all over on Facebook dishing insults against Senator Abe. By 2017, effectively, Steven was not only vehemently opposed to Dr Peterside, he also unabashedly abused the hell out of him on same Facebook. If Steven will deny this, I will bring a plethora of screenshots as evidence of my assertion.

Within the same period, Steven moved away, in political mentorship at least, from Mr Martins Bie to Celestine Akpobari, whom he used to lie down to greet as “my father, my father”. Before the end of 2018, sadly, Steven had started both covert and overt insults and abuses on Comrade Celestine Akpobari openly on Facebook. Like a fowl scrapping for pasture only at the front, he had forgotten the food and the money and everything Celestine did for him previously. If Comr. Celestine Akpobari will come here to deny this, I have screenshots evidence to show.

Done with Comr. Celestine, in 2018, Steven now moved to Chief Austin Nwako of blessed memory (may God bless his soul). Steven would so genuflect before Chief Nwako that you would think that he would never leave him. In fact, Steven did promise that wherever Nwako would go, there he would be also. It happened that when Chief Nwako made arrangements to move to the PDP, Steven Deegbara was clearly in the picture and participated in all the preliminaries. However, once Steven saw that it was another young man that Chief Nwako put forward in his negotiations with the PDP, he broke political ties with the man and pulled out of the deal from which he had already drawn benefits.

After that, Steven said he was veering into activism and adopted Chief Gani U. Topba as his master. He started working with Chief Gani and his group “The Conscience of Ogoni”. Chief Gani sheltered and provided provided for him to the best of his ability. Not long after, Steven Deegbara was everywhere abusing Gani and telling people how horrible a person Gani was. If Chief Gani would deny this, I have evidence to show.

Done with Chief Gani, Steven now joined HYPREP Media team headed by Baridam Ben, and started praising then HYPREP Coordinator, Dr Marvin Dekil as the best thing that happened to Ogoniland. HYPREP under Marvin was maintaining the social media team with N10,000 to each member. Somehow, always wanting to be the leader, Steven fell out with the Ben Baridam-led team, and before long, was screen grabbing discussions from the media platform and sending to Facebook, to discredit both the team and Dr Marvin Dekil. There was nothing too horrible that Steven did not write against Dr Marvin Dekil, the same man he had said was the best thing that happened to Ogoni. Baridam too was not spared, as Steven posted on Facebook that Baridam’s condition is such that he would be used for sacrifice.

Looking for a platform to fight Dr Marvin, Steven and some young men formed the “Ogoni Environment Watch”. Not long after, when the platform started bringing in money, issues of accountability scattered the group. Steven was accused of personalizing funds that came in for the group. There is currently a leadership tussle as to who owns the platform between Steven and Effort Ndeesor. If Marvin, Ben Baridam and Effort Ndeesor will come forward to deny this, I will tender evidence in my possession.

When Steven left the Abe political family, one of the persons he went to meet was Barr. Kingsley Wenenda Wali in his house. Once Engr. Dr Chukwudi Dimkpa appeared in the horizon of Steven and he felt that he could get more money from him, off he went. Once it “appeared” that there was an issue between Dimkpa and Wenenda months ago, I have an interception in my possession, where Stephen sent a material to an Ikwerre social media person on how Kingsley Wenenda Wali could be better insulted.

There was this other lady, Dame Ibifuro Thompson Tatua, to whom Steven was an acquaintance, Dae Steven Deegbara, in abusing the woman, said she was a loosed woman with HIV AIDS (he posted that on Facebook). Today, Steven is on Facebook almost ass-licking same woman. If Steven or Ibifuro will deny this, I will bring a screenshot in my possession as evidence.

Today, I have it on good authority that Engr. Dr. Chukwudi Dimkpa and Chief Hon Victor Giadom are the enablers of Steven Deegbara in this round of madness he has embarked on. Let me kindly serve them notice that as they unleash and enable Steven to abuse and insult our leaders, we will also put a torchlight on their own matters on Facebook, henceforth.

But let me also tell them that the current position they are with Steven Deegbara, all the people I have mentioned above have been there. I wish to be remembered for my prophetic exactitude, not long from now, they will be at the receiving end of insults and insolence from same Steven Deegbara. This is his character and I want people to write this down.

As I write this, all the people Steven has abused before, he has gone back to bow down and pledge “loyalty” again. True pride eludes one who does not grasp the true meaning of shame.

Steven Deegbara is a restless young man, whose appetite for money is insatiable, and cursed with acute busybody, he is always on a highway to nowhere.

With this sincere, factual and irrefutable brief on the derailing youngman, you can best agree he is not doing anything new. The purported group only exist in the figment do his imagination, serving the purpose of his current pay masters. Consequently, it makes his fictions unworthy of any response.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the man called “Dae Steven Deegbara”. You can visit his account on Facebook and discover for yourself how rascally and uncultured he has and continues to be.

Best of Regards!
Dumeezor Sampson

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