Ronaldo Demands Changes To Be Made In Man Utd

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After the heartbreak deeply felt by all members of the Man Utd club due to their poor season, Ronaldo had some things to say.

Ronaldo needs changes in Man Utd
Ronaldo believes with time Man Utd will be back to winning.

After Manchester United had finished up with what was their worst season in Premier League history, barely finishing sixth with 58 points after a slip by the Hammers and 35 points behind league-winning City.

There were also reports of tension and in-fighting with several players angered by former interim- coach Rangnick’s outspoken comments in news conferences. It was also reported that some of the squad weren’t happy with Maguire as captain.

‘I know he [Ten Hag] did a fantastic job for Ajax and that he’s an experienced coach. But we need to give him time and things need to change – the way he wants,” Ronaldo said in an interview on the arrival of Dutch.

‘I hope we have success of course. Because if you have success, all of Manchester are going to have success as well.”

The Portuguese star Cristino Ronaldo was optimistic about the English giants getting back to winning ways as usual.

‘I believe that Manchester will be where they belong,’ he said. ‘As I said before, sometimes it takes time but I still believe,” he said.

Ronaldo had hinted that United’s younger stars struggle to take on criticism as he suggested they do not listen to the advice of the experienced pros.

However, the 37-year-old still intends to help United’s next generation as he believes they are the future of the club.

‘The new generation will be the future of the club. I’m in favour of giving opportunities to the young generation because they will be the future.”

Ronaldo is bent on helping the club get back to its winning ways and he hopes to help the young stars grow as well but he wants them to understand that great things take time.


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