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Sowore departs to US after 5 years of detention in Nigeria

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Omoyele Sowore

After nearly half a decade of what he described as “unlawful, unjust, and inhuman detention” by the Nigerian political system, prominent human activist Omoyele Sowore, has departed to the United States.

His detention, which began in August 2019, saw him arrested on charges of treason, which were eventually withdrawn by the APC government.

In a post on X ahead of his departure, Sowore reflected on his tumultuous ordeal, citing the emotional toll of being separated from his family, including the loss of his brother to gunmen and the deterioration of his mother’s health due to the stress of his situation.

“Everything we said five years ago about the need for radical restructuring of the Nigerian nation and the demand for a revolution in our approach to politics and governance has come to pass,” Sowore declared. “Corruption remains rampant, inflation is soaring, and Nigerians are worse off today than they were five years ago.”

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Looking ahead, Sowore affirmed his dedication to the vision of creating a just and egalitarian society in Nigeria, vowing to continue his struggle for the liberation of the people from the grip of the current political elite. He expressed gratitude to his family, legal team, colleagues, and fellow activists for their unwavering support throughout his ordeal.

As he prepares to reunite with his family in the US, he made it clear that his departure is only temporary.

“I will return to Nigeria to continue my struggle for the total liberation of our people from the shackles of the current corrupt, self-serving political class,” he wrote.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead, the #RevolutionNow convener remains steadfast in his commitment to the cause, stating, “I remain committed to this ideal. It is a commitment that I have dedicated my life to, and my resolve to stay the path and keep on with the fight remains strong!”

Sowore’s return to the US marks the end of a chapter in his fight for a revolution in the approach to politics and governance in Nigeria, but his determination to see Nigeria revolutionized is still in his plan.

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