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UK ban care workers from bringing dependents: Full details

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UK Implements ban on care workers bringing dependents
UK imposes ban on care workers bringing dependents

The United Kingdom has introduced a new migration policy that will affect care workers bringing their families to the country.

The UK government announced these new laws on March 11, 2024, with the aim of reducing migration and addressing visa abuse among overseas individuals coming to the country to work as care workers.

According to the UK Home Office, all caregivers intending to come to the UK will need to register if they are sponsoring any migrants.

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The Home Secretary, James Cleverly, stated that while care workers make valuable contributions to society, action is necessary to address the abuse and manipulation occurring within the immigration system.

Cleverly emphasized that allowing such abuse and manipulation to continue is not acceptable, and the government is committed to reducing migration numbers substantially.

Under the new policy, care workers will not be able to bring dependents, as a significant number of dependents accompanied approximately 100,000 workers who entered the country last year (2023).

Care providers in England acting as sponsors for migrants will be required to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which regulates Health and Social Care, to combat worker exploitation and abuse within the sector.

The UK government aims to reduce net immigration and cut unsustainable levels of legal migration. Consequently, a total of 300,000 eligible individuals from last year will no longer be eligible to enter the UK.

The Home Secretary highlighted instances where care workers obtain visas under false pretenses and undercut British workers, emphasizing the need for action to prevent such practices.

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The UK government to review graduate route for international students

Furthermore, the UK government will review the graduate route for international students to prevent abuse and protect the integrity of higher education in the UK.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) will ensure that the graduate route, which has granted a total of 175,872 visas, attracts the best and brightest to the UK.

The new policy also includes an increase in the minimum salary for skilled workers entering the UK, aimed at reducing numbers, and pressure, and preventing the recruitment of cheap labor from overseas.

Additionally, the minimum income requirement for family visas will increase to ensure that dependents brought to the UK are financially supported.

Previously, in May 2023, the UK government restricted international students from bringing dependents to the country, allowing only PhD students to bring their families.

The UK government data shows that Nigerians had the highest number of international student dependents in the country from 2019 to September 2023.

While the UK tightens its policies, some countries like Australia, Finland, Canada, Sweden, and Germany still allow health workers to bring their families under specific conditions. These countries have varying visa options and requirements for health workers and their families.

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