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We offer majorly three types of advertising on

1. Text Advertising: We offer various types of Text Advertising which are;

Sponsored Posts: This type of Text advertising also known as sponsored post is a great way to promote your products on, because, we add more value by sharing your post to our RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and more. One good thing about the text advertising package is you get a permanent link from the article in question.

Text Ad Link: This type of Ad link is simply a link to your business page or blog with a short Anchor text you wish which we would place on our sidebar.

2. Banner Advertising: We have the following Banner Advertising spaces
728 x 90 Ad Space: We offer the 728 x 90 ads which would be displayed on all pages of our blog. It is available in 2 rotations i.e. two different ads would alternate at the top.

125 X 125 Ad Spaces: We offer the 125 x 125 ad space on our sidebar which is also displayed on all post and pages at a cheap and affordable price.

300 x 250 Ad Space: So far, we place the 300 x 250 Ad units below the post content of all post on our blog.

468 x 60 Ad space: The 468 x 60 Ad unit offer is placed with 2 alternating ads below our the post title, i.e. directly above all post contents on our blog.
Note that all banners are to be designed by you and sent over to us via our email, flash is not supported.

3. Social Media Adverts: We also offer social media services such as;
Sponsored Tweets to our Twitter followers
Status Updates on Our Fan pages
Footer links in our Newsletters.

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Normally, we should respond within 24 hours.

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